Once you are accepted as an authorized GateHawk Dealer, you are automatically assigned a unique Dealer ID. This ID is used to track important information related to your Dealer Account. It is always best practice to have it handy when contacting GateHawk for any inquiry. If you don’t remember your Account ID or need to locate it for any reason, these quick instructions can guide you.

Locate Your Dealer Profile

  1. Log into the GateHawk Dealer Portal on your desktop.

  2. Browse to the Profile tab in the navigation bar.

  3. Under the Company Information section, find the Account ID line. To the right, you will find your unique 9 digit identification.

Some Helpful Tips "What should I use my Account ID for? "

  • Have your Dealer Account ID readily available when contacting GateHawk support.

  • Your Dealer Account ID may be requested by others to verify your “Authorized Dealer” status.

  • Your Dealer Account ID should not change for any reason. If you have questions on this, please contact your GateHawk representative directly.

  • Your Dealer Account ID will be used by GateHawk to reference historical and current billing information.