In the GateHawk dealer portal, you have the ability to set up and manage details of a property using a GateHawk Video Intercom. 

Locate the properties page 

Click the Properties tab in the navigation bar to view the Property Organizations page. This page will list all of the current properties your organization manages, as well as the date they were created. 

Add a Property Organization

  1. Click the “Add Property Organization” button to open the Add Property Organization form.

  2. Complete the Property Organization Details section of the form. This information will be used to refer back to the property after its been created, it will also be used to establish billing rates for the property. 

  3. Complete the Property Owner Contact Information section of the form. The information entered here should be the legal owner of the property. 

  4. Complete the Property Admin Contact Information section of the form. This information entered here should be the primary administrator for the property. I.e the head property manager. Once this information is added, the Property Admin Contact will be sent an invitation  to register for the GateHawk property portal.

  5. Click Save Property to submit the completed form and add the property to the Property Organizations page.