In the GateHawk dealer portal, you have the ability to set up and manage the GateHawk products associated with a property. 

NOTE: You must create a property first before you can add a product unit.

Locate the properties page 

Click the Properties tab in the navigation bar to view the Property Organizations page. This page will list all of the current properties your organization manages, as well as the date they were created. 

Locate your product information

In order to assign a product unit to a property you’ll need to know the product’s serial number. Depending on the product this can be found in a few places. If you’re having trouble locating the serial number, please contact your sales representative or customer service team.

  1. Video Intercom Products: Locate the Serial Number sticker inside of the intercom enclosure. 

Assign a product Unit

1. Locate the property you wish to assign a product to on the Property Organizations page.

  1. Click on the property name where you want to assign a product unit, this will direct you to the Property Details page.

  2. Click on the Products tab underneath the property name. This will display any live products assigned to the property.

  3. Click on the Add Product Unit button. This will take you to the Add Product Unit Form.

  4. Enter the Name of the product. This will be how property staff and residents will refer to this specific device on the property. 

Name examples include: “North Gate”, “5th Street Intercom”, or “Touchscreen on 21st Ave”

  1. Enter the product’s Serial Number. 

  2. Configure the product’s features using the corresponding on/off toggles. 

  3. Click Save to add the unit to the property or Cancel to undo your changes.

Note: By assigning a unit to a property, you will be marking it as “activated” in the GateHawk platform. The date associated with this activation will begin the billing cycle for the specific product’s reoccurring software charges (if applicable).