If, for any reason, you wish to change the settings or permissions of your Video Intercom, follow these easy steps to guide you in doing so.

Locate the Correct Property

  1. Log into the GateHawk Dealer Portal on your desktop.

  2. Browse to the Properties tab on the navigation bar, located at the top of your screen.

  3. On the list of your properties, find the property you have added the Cell Upgrade Kit to.

  4. Click the name of your desired property to view the property’s details.

Locate the Correct Intercom & Cell Kit.

  1. Within your selected property, click on the Intercoms tab on the navigation bar, located under the property name. 

  2. On the list of the intercoms from your desired property, locate the intercom you have added the Cell Upgrade Kit to.

  3. Under the Cell Kit column, you should be able to see the ACTIVATED status followed by the Cell Kit’s serial number.

Edit Intercom Details

  1. To view the settings of the Intercom, click the More options icon (vertical three dots). Select Edit Intercom Details from the drop-down menu.

  2. The Intercom Model and Serial Number fields are blocked, meaning that you cannot edit the information. This information is unique to every Cell Upgrade Kit and should not be changed.

  3. If desired, you can edit the name that appears in the Tenant mobile app by writing a new name in the Name field. 

Under the blocked Serial Number field are a series of toggle options, which represent the different permissions you have granted the Cell Upgrade Kit. If you wish to deactivate any of the actions, click the toggle button to turn it gray. If you wish to enable an action, click the toggle button to turn it blue.