Suppose you've added new residents to the intercom directory but don't see their credentials displayed on the intercom. In that case, you may need to enable that resident for the directory or reboot the intercom to refresh the data. 

Enabling a Resident for the Directory

To reach the right page to enable residents for the directory, you’ll need access to the GateHawk Property Manager Portal. If you don’t have Property Manager Portal access, you will need to ask property staff to complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the GateHawk Property Manager Web Portal

  2. Click Tenants in the navigation bar at the top of the page

  3. Find the resident by scrolling or by searching for them directly using the Search for Tenant Name search bar

  4. Click the More Options (︙) button on the right side of the desired resident

  5. Click Edit Tenant in the pop-up menu

  6. Toggle the Enable Directory Listing to on (resident is enabled for directory listing if the toggle is to the right and the bar is blue)

  7. Click Save Tenant

If the resident is enabled for the directory and still doesn’t appear in the intercom’s directory, try rebooting the intercom following the steps outlined in our How to Reboot an Intercom Unit article.