This guide presents best practices when unmounting a GateHawk Gen3 Video Intercom Unit for repair, replacement, or some upgrades (such as the cellular upgrade kit). 

Unmounting the Video Intercom Unit

Note: Before beginning, unplugging the intercom’s power is important to prevent electric shock or damage to internal components. 

Now that the intercom is powered down follow these steps to remove the Video Intercom from its mounting location:

  1. Double-check that the unit is unplugged and powered down

  2. Open the face of the unit using one of the keys that was provided when the intercom was installed

  3. Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the AC power terminals on the power supply and disconnect the power wires coming from the transformer

  4. Unplug the ethernet cable from the ethernet port

  5. Loosen the terminals and disconnect the wires of any Wiegand or relay devices from the main board

  6. From the inside of the unit, use a ratchet with a 7/16” socket to completely remove the two bolts from the bottom mounting holes

  7. Use the ratchet and 7/16” socket to loosen the top two bolts about 1/8“

  8. With the help of another team member, gently lift the intercom unit and pull forward to pull it off of the top mounting bolts (the bolt heads should easily pull through the keyed mounting holes when lifted)

  9. Slowly and gently pull the Video Intercom away from the wall or pedestal, ensuring the cables pull through the enclosure completely without catching on the unit or the components inside 

With the enclosure removed, you can repair, replace, or install your upgrades. Once the necessary repairs/replacements/upgrades are completed, reinstall the device following our GateHawk Gen3 Video Intercom Installation Guide steps. 

Note: If, for any reason, the enclosure will be removed for an extended period, it is recommended to cap off the exposed power wires in the event they are accidentally powered on during this time.